Adult Cockroach Costume


Now you can become a big pest when you wear this Adult Cockroach Costume. This is a funny and unique bug costume to wear to your next Halloween party!

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So okay…so you’re not the most popular guy around. Sure, you’ve been around since prehistoric times, and since then you’ve picked up a few things – like how to survive an atomic bomb and hide in people’s houses, etc – but living a long time doesn’t always mean that you’re necessarily great at picking up modern socially-acceptable behaviors, now does it?So yeah, lots of people consider you a pest, and you tend to get bug your roommates to the point where they will literally bomb their living quarters with pesticides in order to kick you out of the co-op, but hey…don’t let that crush you! At least you know you’ve always got your family, right? You might be a bunch of outcasts, but what you lack in social acceptance, you make up in numbers!So when you get tired of being ashamed of who you are, stand up for those who nestle around you in the dark times by donning this Adult Cockroach Costume! Unlike your hard prehistoric shell, the brown tunic is made of comfortable and flexible polyfoam. It’s got attached mitts with open wrists to keep your hands free, and the legs are lined with black hair and connected with black ribbon There’s sheer orange fabric attached in the back to look like wings (most people don’t even know that you have wings! Just one more reason to fly (geddit?!) in the face of all their misconceptions!), and the attached hood has two large antenna. So come out of hiding and celebrate the long history of your species! Sure, the sight of you might bug some people, but much like the damage you just did to their houses’ insulation, that’s their problem, not yours!

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