Adult Brown Bear Costume Kit


Terrorize the town, or remind everyone of their favorite fluffy brown comedian, with this exclusively made Adult Brown Bear Costume Kit this Halloween.

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Bear Cub CoutureOur ursine companions always have a rather huggably cute look about them but are rarely actually invited to hang in our social circles. Think of the last time a grizzly bear wanted to join your actual picnic. Did you invite them over to join or did you—as is recommended by any park ranger—avoid feeding the bears? Now imagine when they show up to grab a table at your favorite diner. Or when they pull the Reverse-Goldilocks and want to see how comfy your bed may be?As you can see, bears have a tough time integrating into our society. We’re not sure we’re ready to open the gates of the zoo and invite our forest friends to tear up the town… but we do have a few ideas of how we can get our world just a bit more comfy with these adorable cubs. It’s all about visibility!Design & DetailsAlright, maybe this Brown Bear costume kit won’t be all that it takes for bears to attain their rightful place in our society, but it is still a cute way to create a costume without all the effort! Pop on these Made By Us accessories and you’ll transform any look you like into one a bear would love to bum around in. The ear headband and tail clip are perfect whether you’re in a costume already or just want to add fuzzy fun to your regular wear! 

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