Adult Blue Ranger Helmet


The Adult Blue Ranger Helmet will come in handy when it’s morphing time! Complete your perfect superhero costume, and captain the Triceratops zord, with this great costume mask.

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Nerd!The Blue Ranger has some serious skills. Sure, you can him a nerd. You can call him a geek. You can even call him the king of all dorks, but guess what. Not only can he whoop any monster’s sorry butt with his bare hands, but he has the brains to build a flying car that can travel at speeds of over 3,000 mph (it’s called the RADBUG; look it up). Now, tell us again what the “cool” Red Ranger ever did that was better than that? Yeah, go ahead and call the Blue Ranger a nerd.Do you want a shot at being the awesomely nerdy member of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?  The best way to become a Power Ranger is to get into contact with Zordon… but we have no idea how to get a hold of that guy. It’s not like he’s in the phone book or anything. The next best way to become a Ranger is to use this awesome helmet.Product DetailsThis officially licensed Blue Ranger Helmet is a great way to assume the role of the iconic Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. It comes in two pieces and snaps together to form a full helmet. It has great molded details, like the silver mouth and the black visor, which is transparent for vision.It’s Morphin TimeThis helmet might not give you any superpowers or access to a Dinozord, but it will make you feel like the nerdiest (and coolest) Power Ranger of them all.

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