Adult Black Combat Boots


Stay combat ready my friend! You’ll be ready for some serious action once your in these Adult Black Combat Boots. From SWAT team to Top Gun, these boots are a must have for any serious military man!

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The name Adult Black Combat Boots is kind of a misnomer. Well, they’re definitely black boots. But when we say ‘adult,’ we’re only talking about your shoe size. Maybe you’re just a kid with two big feet and a dream. We want to be clear: these boots are for you, too.And when we say ‘combat,’ we don’t mean that you should think of these shoes as a license to kill. Or even a license to kick a few people in the shins. We’re just trying to convey that these slick boots would look great with any outfit that needs to have a bit of an edge. Whether that means punk rocker or police officer is totally up to you. Hey, we’re not trying to pick any fights! We’re just trying to keep everybody in great-looking footwear. It’s a tough job, but at least these sturdy boots will make it a little easier on our arches!

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