Adult Black Cat Onesie


Why not be a cat for Halloween? The Adult Black Cat Onesie is perfect for anyone who wants to stay warm and comfy while out and about. You will not want to take it off.

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Feline PersonalitiesCats follow the beat of their own drum. Not like dogs. Dogs are followers. Don’t get us wrong, we love dogs. They are cute and obedient, but most dogs haven’t had an original thought in their head since they were a puppy! You tell a dog to sit, they’ll sit. You tell a cat to sit and it will stare blankly at the wall before it saunters off to find a sunbeam for its naptime.Yep, cats can’t be tamed. They do as they please, but it’s sort of why we love them! They have their own personality and when they let you into their strange little world, you get to watch them in their curious behavior. We often wonder what it would be like to live life like a cat… but alas, we’re just simple humans. Hold on a second! With this Adult Black Cat Onesie Costume, you could live like your feline friend, even if just for a costume party!Design & DetailsThis cozy cat costume will have you ready to lazily play with balls of yarn and cuddle up for a nap! This Made by Us outfit comes with a simple black jumpsuit that’s almost as comfy as a pair of pajamas! It fits with a zipper down the front, so you can slip into it with ease. The back of the suit has a cat tail that dangles down. The hood is designed to look like a kitty cat’s face, complete with a pair of pointy ears on top.Now, Where’s That Sunbeam?If you’re a cat lover or you just want to experience what it might be like to be a cat for day, then you can slip into this exclusive costume! We wouldn’t even hold it against you if you found a nice sunbeam to lay in when you wear it!

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