Adult Black and Red Ombre Wig


Be red-y to rock Halloween night with the Black and Red Ombre Wig! Add some charm to your vampire or devil costume with the Adult Black and Red Ombre Wig!

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It’s All About the AttitudeNot many people are blessed with your level of confidence. You’re not afraid to try new things because you welcome adventure and excitement. While others worry what their friends will think or if they’ll fail, you embrace uncertainty for the new experiences it brings. Guess what? Every time you try something new, you totally win at life. Go you! Some new experiences are challenging, but some are pure fun – like switching up your hair color. Want to try a new look without home bleaching or paying a lot for a professional dye job? We’ve got you covered! Product Details Add some instant pizzazz to any outfit with our exclusive Black and Red Ombre Wig for Adults! The long black and crimson faux hair is an ideal addition to witch, rocker, or punk costumes, but it’s also great on its own. Easy to slip on and boasting a secure fit, it might just become your favorite new accessory! Spice It UpIf you’re looking for a fun and easy change, your search is over. No need to feel blah ever again – when you need a sharp and sassy look, you’ll pick this wig every time. 

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