Adult Bear Sublimated Face Mask


Stay safe with the Adult Bear Sublimated Face Mask. Featuring a funny bear face on the front you can stay safe and have fun!

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Fuzzy Contradiction Bears are amazing creatures. On the one hand, they can appear as sweet and cuddly as the stuffed animal sitting on the end of a bed. On the other hand, they can rip your face off if you so much as look at their cubs – or their food. They lope through the forest with unhurried majesty, but also get stuck in garbage pails and need to be rescued by forest rangers.Product Details This Adult Bear Sublimated Face Mask is the face-covering that suits all of your needs! Whether you are feeling loving and huggable, or Mama Bear murderous, slipping this mask on expresses both sides of your personality. The polyester velour and broadcloth fabrics are contoured for your nose and chin, making it comfortable enough to hibernate in for the winter. Elastic ear loops secure it over your face. Just remember to take it off before you bite into a salmon!

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