Adult Area 51 Escapee Costume


Whether you are a conspiracy theorist or just someone looking for a creepy alien costume, this Adult Area 51 Escapee Costume will be perfect for you at your next party.

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A Galactic FugitiveImagine you’re a happy-go-lucky alien, just taking a fun afternoon ride around the universe in your new spaceship. Suddenly, a terrible space storm whirls around you! You lose control of your spaceship and go hurtling through space. None of your instrumentation is working, and you have no idea where you are as you careen towards an unknown planet. You break through the atmosphere and fall through the sky, sandy ground growing closer and closer underneath you… Boom! Your spaceship shudders to a stop.Shakily, you get out of your ship, amazed you’re still alive. You can hear creatures approaching, and over a sandy ridge, you see bipedal aliens coming nearer. You raise your arm in a friendly greeting, calling out, “Dhffa sfuhha dfuha?” (That’s “Hello, how are you?” in your language.)These bipedal creatures sure look excited to see you! But your relief turns to fright as they grab you and toss you into one of their own spaceships, which has wheels and never takes off the ground. You keep trying to ask where you’re going, but they shoot you with something that makes you fall asleep. Next thing you know, you’re waking up in a cramped cell, wearing a weird orange outfit. You don’t know what’s happening, but you do know this: You’ve got to get out of here!Product DetailsBring some out-of-this-world fun to your next costume party in this Adult Area 51 Escapee Costume. The orange jumpsuit is made from 100 percent polyester fabric and has a zipper down the center front for easy wear. There is printed wording on the front and back of the jumpsuit. There costume also comes with a latex alien mask with eye holes that allow for limited vision. The mask has an elastic band attached to secure it to your head.Alien Prison Break!You know you can’t stay there. You have no idea what these aliens have planned for you, but you know it can’t be good. Luckily, you can morph right on through their flimsy prison wall, which makes escaping extremely easy. Before they know you’re gone, you’re already back to your ship. You’re free!

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