Adult Apple Costume


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so an adult apple costume should offer you decent protection from illness if worn regularly. (Except if you get sneezed on or eat contaminated food.)

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How do you like them apples?Halloween is a complete and total fruit basket upset out there these days. Everybody is going bananas. If the grapes aren’t wine-ing, they’re out raisin’ heck later on. The berries have all gotten themselves into a jam. Others are submitting to pear pressure. The melons want to get married, but they’re upset because they cantaloupe. The peaches have used up all the cream. The honeydew list is getting longer and longer. And the prunes are complaining that all the plum jobs are drying up. So, orange you doing to do anything about it? Of course you are. After all, everyone always seems to guavatate toward you. So it’s high time for you to make yourself more delicious and polish yourself up and look the part of the fruit that keeps the doctor way. And you can do it by putting on our Adult Apple Costume. You will become the apple of their eyes in no time at all!The big, round, bright red costume is the pick of the crop. It is a body suit that’s as easy as pie to put on. It is made from polyfoam that will keep you from getting bruised when you’re out with your fruity friends and will just make you generally more appealing. And you’ll be tickled to the core to know that there is a matching white and red polyfoam hat that has a perfect stem on the top. Any way you slice it, you’re sure to be the sauciest one at the party.

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