Adult A Very Corgi Christmas Ugly Christmas Sweater


This A Very Corgi Christmas Ugly Christmas Sweater is one of the cutest ugly sweaters. It features a corgi on the front dressed in a hat and scarf.

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A Very Corgi Christmas How do you imagine the floofiest of puppers would want to celebrate the holidays? Naturally, it starts with a nice walkie around the park. (Bonus points if there are some soft snowdrifts to pounce.) Next, it is time for some treats. They’d like a bacon cookie, a sausage cookie, and also a couple of regular cookies. But, don’t worry. Corgi Claus knows that you’ve been just about as good as he has, so you’re in for some delightful treats, too! In fact, the best treat of all is being able to bring him home for the holidays! Design & DetailsMake sure that you’ve got the biggest grin that the season can provide when you combine the best things on the planet: cute puppies and Christmas! This Very Corgi Christmas Sweater is ready and waiting. The knitted-in graphics include a bright red and white backdrop along with a grinning Corgi dog decked out in holiday splendor. (We thought about giving him a Corgi Christmas sweater, too, but who could handle that much adorable in one Ugly Christmas Sweater!?) Get Your Paws on a Pup!They say that you can’t bring your dog wherever you go. But, in this Very Corgi Christmas Holiday Sweater, you’ll always have a happy good boy right with you! 

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