80s Pink Pop Star Costume for Women


Step on stage or out on the town in this Women’s 80s Pink Pop Star Costume. 80s nostalgia is a very real thing. Don’t miss the wave or your shining moment on stage!

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Don’t You Wanna Dance?Listen, we can’t really explain the 80s. You had to be there. It’s no use trying to explain it all. If you weren’t there—well, the blazing neon colors, the puffy clothes, and oversized hair—all of that probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But if you lived through it, then it all made sense. You just wanted to put on a glimmering outfit, turn up the tune, and dance with somebody! The only way you’ll understand, is if you dress up in something that channels the attitude of the greatest decade of the last century!This Women’s 80s Pink Pop Star Costume is the perfect outfit for anyone looking to get a taste of the 80s, or anyone looking to relive the colorful decade. It’s a Made by Us exclusive, which means you won’t find it anywhere else.Design & DetailsThis totally 80s costume starts with a vibrant pink dress that features a single sleeve with a large, puffy shoulder. The belt is a shimmering, metallic gold, and it fits around your waist with a buckle in the front. The hair bow is the same pink color as the dress and sewn to an elastic headband. It completes the look. Of course, if you really want that classic 80s feel, you’re going to want to tease your hair as high as you can!

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