6′ Animatronic Ghostly Trio Decoration


Create a spooky atmosphere the Halloween with the 6′ Animatronic Ghostly Trio Decoration. Complete with 3 ghostly figures draped in white cloth, to sway their way into terror and fright.

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Haunting Your HomeWe’ve tried everything. We put up some gravestones in our yard. We performed some seances, with candles and a professional medium. We even left out some cookies. Ghosts like cookies, right? Well, it turns out that it’s a lot harder to get a proper ghost or two to come to your house for a good haunting. So, we had to get a little creative and use some technology to get a little haunting going on in our home. This Animatronic Ghostly Trio Decoration helps give your home that haunted look without all the trouble of trying to coax some actual ghosts to come to your house.Product DetailsThis ghastly decoration is designed to look like a trio of menacing ghosts! Each ghost has exposed faux rib bones and they have menacing faces on top. The entire decoration measures 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide when fully assembled. You can plug it into any standard U.S. style wall outlet. The decoration sways and makes eerie noises with the press of a button, but it can also be set up to be activated by sound. The decoration is intended for indoor use, so it’s not recommended to use it outdoors.

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