4th of July Statue of Liberty Tiara


Transform into Lady Liberty with this Statue of Liberty Tiara. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your next 4th of July BBQ in style. Let freedom ring!

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A Cry for UnityAre you in the market for becoming a major icon of freedom and unity? Do you sometimes feel like you’re ready to jump on a soapbox and let everyone know that you’re here to help the whole world in the lovely stewpot that is the USA?How about instead of a soapbox, you go for a 65-foot tall pedestal instead!? What better way is there to spread your eternal message of unity, hope, and freedom this Halloween than by dressing up as Lady Liberty herself? Not a one!Product DetailsYou’ll become the image of American pride once you are fully suited up and topped by this Statue of Liberty Tiara! It is a perfect nod to the most indelible ideals. You can keep things simple on Independence Day and use this headpiece to top your jean shorts and gingham top, or you can go all out for Halloween and add this green foam crown to a robed costume and matching torch!Freedom of All SortsGive me your tired, your poor, your bad hair days… Er, something like that. You’re free to celebrate all the freedom that Lady Liberty has to offer, including the freedom to let your hair fly free under the iconic crown that is this tiara. 

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