40g Black Boa


No flapper or showgirl costume is complete without this fluffy 40g Black Boa! Finish off your 1920 Flapper girl costume with this fabulous a sleek boa.

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You know what’s great for an outfit? Props. You know the type…the kind that give your hands something to play with when you’re flirting, dancing, or just totally bored with whatever lame conversation topic ol’ Milner over there has got everyone trapped in. And when it comes to power props, the boa is it. After all, it serves literally no functional purpose, but boy does it look fab. Whether you’ve got that thing wrapped around your neck or you’re sweeping it around the cheek of some blue-eyed beaut, a boa suddenly makes every action – and reaction – all that much more alluring. After all, isn’t getting attention why you’re at this party, anyway? So drape this 6′ long 40g Black Boa, made of dyed marabou feathers, across those bare arms of yours and get ready to tickle your own fancy!

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