27 Inch Peeping Skeleton Coffin Decoration


Get your home ready for Halloween with the 27 Inch Peeping Skeleton Coffin Decoration! Scaring Trick-or-Treaters will be easy when you add this to your decor!

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Dead but RestlessSome of the dearly departed don’t want to rest in peace. Alone in their coffins, they get jittery and curious. What is the Red Sox’ score these days? they wonder. Did I remember to turn off the oven? Or the curling iron? Are people still saying “on fleek”? Was “on fleek” EVER really said un-ironicially? It’s hard to drift into the Great Beyond when you’re still so interested in what’s going on around your old stomping grounds. While people may scream and run, call you a “zombie,” or even try to exorcise you, you’re really only trying to be friendly – and maybe get caught up on this year’s season of Grey’s Anatomy! Product Details Spook and delight onlookers this Halloween with a whimsically macabre Peeping Skeleton 27 Inch Coffin! The two and a quarter-foot coffin is designed to look as though a skeleton is ripping his or her way out from its rotting wood. A plaque resembling metal is printed with the number “1807.” Two stakes at the bottom enable you to stand it up in your yard. 

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