18in Roman Short Sword


This 18in Roman Short Sword will have you feeling like you’re ready to go to combat. It will be the perfect accessory for your Roman costume this year with its realistic details.

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All Hail Caesar (Maybe)! This soldier of ancient Rome is here to defend his country! As soon as he figures out which tyrant to stand behind. Does he protect Caesar or help out Stabby Brutus over there? Or does he double-cross everyone and become the next ruler himself? After all, he does have the coolest weapon. Product DetailsFight for mother Rome with this 18 Inch Roman Sword in your hand! The realistic-looking foam weapon is a foot and a half long, with a silver-tone blade and a gold-tone hilt decorated with fancy detailing. It looks like something you would find at an archaological site, but you won’t get in trouble for giving this one some practice swings. For the Glory of Rome!Complete your Roman solider costume or add to your collection of historical items! You’ve got what it takes to become a major world power (at least for a few centuries). 

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