10 FT Light Up Hanging Red Demon Decoration


Bring supersized fright to your holiday display this year when you get this 10 FT Light Up Hanging Red Demon Decoration. This 10 FT Light Up Hanging Red Demon Decoration features a scary devil grim reaper that lights up that will cause a great deal of sca

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Ghastly Get-AwaysHalloween. When the veil between our world and other realms thins, letting all sorts of ghouls and ghosties through. It makes sense that the realm of the living has become a favorite vacation spot for those other-worldly beings who just want to let loose during the month of October. Some ghosts just want to know what it’s like to be human again. That’s why so many ghosts are spotted in fun locations like movie theaters and amusement parks. Then again, some spooks would love to stir things up, get a few screams in before they have to go back to whence they came. That’s definitely where this devilish dude comes in! He’s not visiting so that he can lay low. He’s chasing thrills and chills! Now you can help him out when you play host to the ghost this spooky season!Product DetailsHanging at a whopping 10-feet tall, this crimson reaper is not holding anything back! Running on 2 button batteries, the reaper’s angry eyes can stay lighted for days on end with LED bulbs. The crinkly hair and long, flowing mesh under the cape are sure to stand out in the windy autumn weather while the stature alone is sure to get gasps and shrieks throughout the neighborhood. The perfect highlight to your Halloween decor, once you buy this hanging light-up demon decoration, your yard is sure to get a reputation for spooky season mischief!A Favorite HauntWhether you hang your reaper from your front porch or perch him up in the perfect stand of trees in sight of any approaching Halloween revelers, he’s sure to get a grand reception! And at the end of the season, storing this ghoul is a breeze. Good thing too, because you’re going to want to hang this unsettling spirit year after year. You two are going to have so much mischievous fun together!

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