1 Up Extra Life Green Can Koozie


You gained an extra life and a cold drink! Our 1 Up Mario Can Cooler will keep your drinks cold and will make you feel as though you’ve gained an extra life! That’s the power of the cooler my friends.

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It sure can be a tough job having to save Princess Peach day in and day out from that darn Bowser, with all of his annoying minions and those crafty puzzle-like worlds . All that running around and jumping would leave anyone parched. You can bet that Mario and Luigi aren’t above putting back a few cold ones after a hard day’s work. Those are two plumbers that know the value of an ice cold beverage. Although, every now and then, the super bros will get wrapped up in swapping stories of their adventures and let their beverages get too warm to enjoy. Party Foul! Thankfully, Toad had a solution! He knows already how much those jumpy guys enjoy his 1Up mushrooms so he whipped up an invention that would extend the lifespan of their cold drinks! Now the Mario Bros just need to slip their beverages in a One-Up Can Koozie and they can easily put a cold one down anytime without worries of a warm sip!

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