1 oz Blood & Liquid Latex Duo


Complete a terrifying Halloween costume with this 1 oz Blood & Liquid Latex Duo. Whether you’re going as a zombie or a rotting monster, this makes the perfect accessory.

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Bloody Well DoneIt’s hard being a zombie, there’s no doubt about that. The moaning and groaning wear on your voice after a while. The slow, shambling gait means that it takes forever to get anywhere at all. The pieces of your body that rot and fall off are irreplaceable parts of yourself that you have grown and cherished over the course of a lifetime.So, with all that stress in their day-to-day un-life, what zombie needs to worry about not having their makeup just right? None of them do, that’s who. No rotting monster deserves the extra stress of not having the look that they want as they slowly move in a shuffling mass of witless undead. All that stress leads to stress-eating brains like there’s no tomorrow, and that is just bad all around.Effort Not in VeinThat’s why we have invented this 1 oz Blood and Liquid Latex Duo pack. When you are stressed about having a face that’s too smooth, or not enough blood on the outside of your undead cadaver, use this! It will give you that perfect, rotting-corpse look that you want, with none of the hassle of having to rot for years in the sun yourself. It just makes sense!

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