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Wedge X-Wing Pilot Helmet

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Everyone was crazy about Luke after Star Wars, and we can't blame them. Single handedly landing a bullseye shot to destroy the Death Star was a big deal after all. (Especially since he didn't even use his targeting computer!) All the Luke love is great, but we always liked Wedge Antilles. He's one cool cat! And he's not only a crack fighter pilot, he's also a good friend. (And pretty good at taking down TIE fighters too!) This helmet has a serious movie look, and it's the perfect thing to pair with an X-Wing fighter costume to recreate the famed Rebel fighter's style. It's got the detail that serious collectors love, but it's still just what you need to take down the Empire. Whether you're heading out with Luke, the entire Red Squadron, or heading out on a solo mission—no one's going to take the spotlight from you with this look!

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